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Apex Macro Mortgage Solutions is the Lending arm of Apex Macro Financial Group. We seek to sort the optimal finance solution for you and/or your business. We cater for;

  • residential home loans,

  • personal loans,

  • commercial loans,

  • development loans,

  • business loans,

  • line of credits,

  • stock lending,

  • car and fleet lending solutions.


We seek to find a lender that suits you and your requirements with a broad panel of lenders available at our disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why choose Apex Macro Mortgage Solutions and not a Bank?

A. At Apex Macro Mortgage Solutions, we are experienced in the facilitation of loans and products from all major banks and an extensive panel of tier 2 Banks and lending institution. What that means for you is that we can compare several products including the products from the bank you had intention of approaching for your lending services. This results in making an informed decision with a wide array of choices which leads to better decision making on your behalf.

Q. Why should I review my existing loans?

A. In Australia the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) make a decision on the first Tuesday of every month to decide if interest rates stay as they are or change based on economic data collected. In the event of an interest rate change, it is then up to the banks to change their own interest rates.

These movements cause a disparity of resulting interest rates offered to customers. As such, the loan that you take up today being identified as having the cheapest interest rate will most likely be superseded within a year or two. Reviewing your home loan and potentially changing to another lender allows you to keep up to date with the optimum loan package for you.

Q. How can I get more money? Or borrow more money?

A. Your home loan and its loan limit is calculated based on the value of the house you took the loan on. As you may notice, this value increases over time and as such you have the ability to review the loan and increase its limit.

At Apex Macro Mortgage Solutions our friendly and experienced staff can easily and quickly organise for a “release on equity” so that you can gain access to the increase of your home value. These extra funds can be used for your cash flow or potentially invest to help you increase your asset holdings.

Q. What is the best way to structure my loan?

A. Any professional Accountant or Financial Adviser will inform you that ‘structure’ is one of the most important things to get right for the purpose of tax efficiency. Apex Macro Mortgage Solutions experienced lenders work closely with the Accountants and Financial Planners within the Apex Macro Group to identify the best structure for your loans and holdings. Along with the economic expertise of the Financial Advisers we not only are able to educate you on the suitability of a Fixed or Variable loan, but the holding structure of the house being purchase; trust, individual or joint names for the most efficient tax result moving forward. Get the structure wrong, and it can cost tens of thousands to unwind and correct.

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