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I’m looking for an Accountant

Apex Macro Financial Group work with Tax and Audit accountants that prioritise their clients needs first.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I need an Accountant?

A. Setting up a business correctly from the start is one of the most important tasks to set your business to maximise the tax efficiencies. Maximising tax benefits is to you and your company’s best interests and navigating through the Australian tax laws is extremely time consuming. If you feel that you would like to optimise your time to do what you do best and leave the financials to our expert Accountants then “Yes, you do need an accountant”.

Q. Do I need to lodge a tax return?

A. Under most circumstances, almost everyone who has an asset or any type of income needs to lodge a tax return. As it depends on individual circumstances, we encourage you to contact us to quickly find out.

Q. Why use Apex Macro Accounting?

A. At Apex Macro Financial Group we not only have the expertise of CPA and CA qualified Accountants, we also utilise the expertise of our associated experienced Financial Advisers and Lending Managers. We go above and beyond the capabilities of single entity Accounting firms to help deliver services that are only offered through Financial Planners and Lenders but play a big impact on your accounting.

Not only will you benefit from our accounting services, but because of our multi-service company, you save time dealing with one entity and there’s no hassles asking for records and reports from one entity to deliver to another.

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